TempleWork Day Twenty One

Saturday, Day 21

Morning Reading:

Mt.16:13-20, Jn.13:1-5

Temple Work
This morning, as the exploration of the sub-floor continues, Subfloor-Mirror Roomyou enter the middle room on the right side of the hall (beneath the Gathering Room) called the “Mirror Room.” Unlike a dressing room in a clothing store that has mirrors on every wall, this room is stark and simple. A full-length mirror hangs on the wall beside a three-drawer file cabinet. The only other piece of furniture in this large room is a wooden chair facing the mirror.

The ceiling directly above the mirror is drawn downward about six or seven inches, almost as if some unseen force is pulling a portion of the upstairs floor toward this room.

Picture 48You look in the mirror and, at first, find nothing unusual about it. The file cabinet is worthy of careful exploration. It has three drawers: “Past,” “Present,” and “Future.” The “Past” drawer (on the bottom) has what might be best described as “self-image” files from each year that you have lived. You pull out “Year 7.” Included in the folder are photos and drawings of you. The photos are actual images of you at that age—a montage of images—some you recognize and some you are viewing for the first time. The drawings are caricatures (mental images of yourself) that you carried during that year of your life. Also included are quotes about your identity–actual words spoken about you by the most influential people in your life. You think to yourself, “If I counted all the different pictures of me in this one file—there would be at least twenty unique descriptions! And all of these live inside of me in one form or another!”

The middle drawer, labeled “Present,” has files from every domain of your life in this moment. Among the names of files are: “Physical appearance,” “Career,” “My singing voice,” “Who I am in my family,” “School,” “Friendship,” and many more. You pull out a folder labeled: “My Scars.” While you are reading the file, you happen to glance in the mirror. All of the scars described in the folder, even the emotional and spiritual ones, somehow appear in your mirror image. You have sensed the presence of these scars all of your life, but have never actually seen them like this before. You quickly reopen the “Past” drawer and choose “Year 13.” As you begin reading a “Happy 13th Birthday” card, you look in the mirror and see multiple images of that day in your life. The montage of images is like a landscape of emotion–peaks and valleys of thoughts and feelings that you experienced on that day.

mirror6Many thoughts run through your mind: “Somehow the mirror is linked to the specific file I am reading. There are so many images and opinions others have of me and I have about myself, so many memories and caricatures! Sometimes what I see in the mirror encourages me. Sometimes what I see haunts me! It is difficult to discern between true and false images. Can I trust this mirror? Can I trust my own eyes as I look at myself?”

The top drawer is labeled “Future.” What could possibly be in these files? As you open the drawer, the names of the files appear before you: “How I will end up,” “Retirement,” “Success or failure in life,” “Dreams,” and many more. These files do not foretell the future. They contain your present thoughts and feelings about the future. As you open the file about retirement and look in the mirror, all the different scenarios you ever imagined about that stage of life play out before your eyes.

You close the file cabinet and quickly step out of the room. As you close the door, you whisper: “This room reveals how I see myself—and my identity is so fragmented. If those files and that mirror are not fully surrendered to the Lord, I will forever question who I am!”

Journal Entry and Prayer

List some of the images you see as you look in the mirror. Then describe how Jesus sees you. Does God ignore our imperfections and failures? How does He establish a positive identity in His followers?

How do you deal with the mirror (do you face it honestly, avoid it, fear it, are you obsessed with it, etc)? If the Mirror Room was properly aligned and under the direction of the Holy Spirit, what would it look like?

Jesus knew who He was. As the “I AM,” He also knows the true identity of Peter and the Samaritan woman and every person who has ever lived—including you. As you pray, ask the Lord to open your eyes to your true identity.

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