TempleWork Day Eighteen

Wednesday, Day 18

Morning Readings:document room1

Ro.7:15, Ja.3:11-18, Mt.25:24-27

Temple Work

Subfloor - Document RoomThe first room that you are to explore on the sub-floor has a strange label on the door: “The Room of Documents.” As you walk into this cluttered room, you see shelves with various contracts and agreements pertaining to your life. In your quick exploration, you read a few of the titles:
[1] The List of Promises Made and Promises Broken
[2] The Book of Unconscious Contracts
[3] The Vows about Love, Family and Friendships
[4] The Ledger
[5] The Document of Shame and Guilt
[6] The Handbook of Protection Techniques (cut-off, resentment, fight/flight).
[7] The Book of Tears

There are other books, articles and notes—too many to count.

You reach for the book titled “The Ledger” and open to the first page. There are two columns; the first is labeled “What I am Owed,” and the second, “What I Owe.” The entries are chronological and begin very early in your life. Some of these events are not even registered in your conscious memory, yet they are recorded here in this book. You leaf through the pages. Because of the word “owe,” you are expecting most of the entries to involve money—but very few of them do. Most deal with emotional currency: “I stood up for you and you threw me under the bus,” “I poured my heart out and you laughed at me,” “You were supposed to protect me—instead you abandoned me.” Some of the entries are so personal and deep that they will require significant emotional investment and godly wisdom to bring about reconciliation and healing.

It is column two that shocks you the most. “Look at how many people I’ve let down in my life! Moments when I was disloyal, or selfish or uncaring. Times when I got a laugh at someone else’s expense. Entries that record my lies, my arrogance, my temper! The Ledger is a terrible book—I stand justly accused before it. The entries press me down into the dust. I am so sorry for these outstanding debts that I owe!”

You place the Ledger beside the door. You plan to take it to the Confessional later today and work through the entries. You’ve carried some of these broken experiences for decades! The Lord will help you release this burden. He desires you to be cut loose from this anchor.

You marvel at the power of this one book. Then, you scan the shelves. A whole legal library focused on the details of your life stretches out before you. “What kind of influence does this room have on my life? An hour ago, I didn’t even know it existed!”

You are drawn to a glass case at the center of the Document Room. Within this display is an ancient scroll that is simply called “The Script.” Beneath this label is the following description:

This Script is a narrative of your life told from your perspective. It is composed of vows, fears and survival tactics—words you have written with your tears and dreams. You began writing this Script on the first day of your life and the writing continues to this present moment. This Script governs your life in ways you cannot fully understand.

As you open the glass case and examine the scroll, you have the sense that you are reading a concise summation of all the documents in this room. A variety of topics are discussed within the Script: how to survive emotional loss, how to handle deep disappointments, how to react when you feel you don’t belong, and more. Under each of these headings, explicit instructions are offered to “remedy” the particular circumstance. When you are hard pressed and the pressure is on, your superficial convictions give way to the deep patterns and entitlements of this written code of conduct.

Twelve cables, by way of a conduit, connect the glass case of the Script to nearly every room in the Temple.

Journal Entry and Prayer

[1] What entries are in your Ledger? List the top three entries in each column. Ask the Lord to help you to remember. Then, spend time in confession. Talk over these entries with the Lord and ask Him to guide you in the work of reconciliation.

[2] Take time now and throughout this day to attempt to write out your Script. Include the topics given above along with any others that come to mind.

As you pray, ask the Lord to reveal your Script to you. When pressed, what are the deep contracts and vows that govern your life?

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  1. Wow!!!! Tonight my whole life thus far was “relived”. And I beyond grateful for what this experience has given me thus far…the easy and the difficult.

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