This fascinating resource is a masterful blend of novel, storytelling, and devotional guide. It will make you think; it might make you weep. But most of all, it will help you tear down the walls that keep you from being all you can be, all you are meant to be, and all you desire to be as you seek to draw nearer to Christ.

Randy Frame

(Author, Editor, Director of Advancement Communications, Swarthmore College.)

As a pastor I am always looking for those tools that might bring about long-term effectual change and I believe I found that in TempleWork. Our congregation undertook this 40 day venture together and it transformed our community in ways that months of preaching has never accomplished. We plan on doing this as a congregation at least once a year.

Rev. Dr. Tracy L. Saletta

(West Chester, Pa)

If today’s cross-cultural workers are to demonstrate the genuine love of Christ and produce God fearing disciples who reflect His image, it is not only important but critical that a deep inner work in partnership with the Holy Spirit takes place. The story of Traveler (one of the characters in TempleWork) is the story of many, if not most, cross-cultural workers as we navigate the often complicated terrain of the mission field. It is in this terrain where deeper, often untouched areas of ones inner life and struggle soon come to the surface and must be dealt with or one will quickly be rendered ineffective. Vows must be destroyed, relationships healed, lies routed, addictions broken and a renewed filling of Gods Spirit needs to take place for the minister of the gospel to be made whole and effective. As God’s ambassadors to the nations we must walk the journey set before us of healing, transformation and sanctification as God’s presence invades every room of our lives leading us in victory and freedom. TempleWork does just this, using the creativity of imagery to take one beyond basic spiritual formation and discipleship to total spiritual transformation and wholeness.

Rev. Joanna Beske

(Cross-cultural Team Leader in Senegal, West Africa, Pioneers International)

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